Stripes Colorado City Tx

875 I-20 Frontage Rd, Colorado City, TX 79512, USA
Lat: 32.41029992, Lng: -100.84210129

Parking spots: 30

Lareado Taco

Open 5am to 8pm

No One likes a troll

A Utah-based company working on a battery-hydrogen semi truck  has filed a lawsuit against Tesla claiming that Tesla copied the design of Nikola’s Semi Truck as the Tesla Semi. Nikola’s claimis that Tesla’s electric truck design violate the patent on a series of 3 specific designs that Nikola recently obtained for the design of a few features of the Nikola One truck unveiled in 2016. This trolling Case is valued at $2 Billion. Trevor Milton, Nikola’s CEO, said that “the complaint speaks for itself”
While A Tesla spokesperson says that the lawsuituit is Meritless.  Interesting Story.

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Hello Drivers

Welcome to Driversspace we are a virtual Professional Drivers lounge. We are aiming to get pro-drivers to communicate sorta like a cb on the web.  So join us on here and let’s find solutions to our profession. Let’s make it a looked up to profession again.

Let’s make trucking great again!


Michael  C